Prestige Points

Prestige Points are a system to reward involvement in the campaign outside the gaming session. Writing an adventure log, or adding an NPC, or any other way you interact with the campaign outside the game may be rewarded with Prestige Points. Note, this idea is based off the excellent idea in

Laura: 0
Kelly: 0
Rachel: 0
Tyrel: 0

Prestige Points may be spent in a number of ways, and will regenerate after sessions.

  • Add X to a d20 roll: +X, where X is the number of Points spent. This must be declared before rolling.
  • Reroll a d20: 2 Points.
  • Turn a Critical Failure into a normal one: 1 Point.
  • Win Initiative: 2 Points. (If 2 players do this at once, they roll to see which goes first, but they both go before anyone else)
  • Gain an Extra Standard Action: 6 Points.

You can also burn Prestige Points, where you lose them forever, but can gain permanent increases, or change a vital event.

  • Survive a fatal circumstance: 3 Points.
  • Guarantee a Crit on your next d20 Roll: 1 Point.
  • Raise Ability Score 1 Point: Variable, dependant on how high new skill is. 10 or Less, 2 Points. 11-13, 4 Points. 14-16, 6 Points. 17-18, 6 Points. 19+: 8 Points.
  • Gain a Feat you qualify for: 8 Points.
  • Gain a power from a class you qualify for, 5 levels or more lower: 10 Points.
  • Reveal the exsistence of an Epic location: 2 Points.

Prestige Points

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