Fathomless Location Ideas

Locations for the Fathomless:

Ocean Tiles: d8

  1. : A Glacier, the ice veined with a sickly red. The ice burns to touch.
  2. : Jagged pieces of Stone, standing tall out of the water. They seem to stretch down to the darkness.
  3. : A Ship Graveyard, dozens of sailing ships, wrecked and jammed together with great force.
  4. : A Whirlpool, leagues across, sucking everything near down into it’s inky depths.
  5. : Floating, Glowing Orbs, trailing strange red tendrils, float several feet above the waves.
  6. : The water looks curiously shallow here, but the boat doesn’t seem to have any trouble. Standing under the water, their faces mere inches down, are innumerable bodies, stretching their rotting arms towards the boat.
  7. : What seemed like an island is revealed to be a giant reflective surface, perfectly circular in shape. Friction seems completely absent on it.
  8. : A sphere, around 20 meters around, shimmering gold in the harsh sun.

Island Tiles: d6 A shimmering white beach, the sand coarse and painful to stand on too long, when it borders on the sea.

  1. An abandoned cottage, the dimensions strange, the door too tall and too thin, the windows too high.
  2. Piles of Seaweed, piled dozens of feet high, rotting in the sun. In the stacks, the chittering and chanting of sea folk echoes out.
  3. A Large Temple Entrance, covered in strange runes in some unearthly language.
  4. A large copper pit, plunging deep into the earth. Steam seeps slowly from the vent.
  5. A massive castle, the shapes twisted, the gate massive, the turrets distorted.
  6. A small fishing village, populated by strange sea folk. Not immediately hostile, but cautious, and hard to understand or communicate with.
  7. A massive warship with square sails, moored off the shore, with strange beings in glittering armor setting up a camp on the beach. Approaching and speaking to them reveals them to be humans, but wearing insectoid looking armor. (Seanchan)
  8. A Massive Volcano, belching smoke into the sky. Strange chanting and lights come from the caldera, echoing down the slopes.
  9. A small monastery, made of white stone, populated by strange and fearsome looking insectoid creatures. They communicate telepathically, but have strange customs.
  10. The Island is alive! This tile seems normal, but they hear a very low thumping, that vibrates the area. It’s the heartbeat of the island.

R’lyeh: d4 Mottled Green Stone, twisted statues and monuments.

  1. Four Giant Stone Pillars, stretching to the sky, higher than you can see. Each is shaped like a grotesque, pitted arm. In the center of the four, you see a large altar, stained with blue.
  2. The Shadows seem unusually thick here. But you can hear an angelic singing, mournful, echoing out through the shadow.
  3. A gargantuan pit, with a giant body lying in it, covered in tentacles and harsh angles. Crawling over the body are hundreds of small creatures similar in shape. Glinting in the center of the pit is the shine of gold.
  4. A Massive Citadel, with clawed pillars jutting from the peak. The Two Suns seems framed in it’s pincer like profile. You hear a sinister whispering at the edge of hearing.

Fathomless Location Ideas

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